Environmental Product Certification

Interloc Lockers Timber Laminate Lockers are third party certified with Ecospecifier GREEN TAG GreenRate Certification.  Achieving a Level A to meet the Green Building Council of Australia Green Star Office Interiors requirements.

Environmental certification:

  1. Gives the client assurance that the product has been rigorously tested to meet Ecospecifier’s Level A GREEN TAG GreenRate standard
  2. Goes past business as usual and demonstrates a company operating with BEST PRACTICE. 
  3. Ensures all environmental claims are externally verified
  4. Incorporates more environmental and social initiatives than the GBCA green star calculator requires

Ecospecifier’s GREEN TAG GreenRate Certification requirements to include:

  1. Toxicity: Product ingredients, including adhesives, surface finishes and components have been reviewed and do not raise any issues of concern under Ecospecifier’s Cautionary Assessment Process for toxicity and health impacts
  2. Design for Disassembly: Interloc Timber Laminate Lockers have been designed for disassembly to assist in the recycling of product components
  3. Product Durability: Products demonstrate fitness for purpose, meets consumer performance needs
  4. Warranty: 5 year warranty for all Interloc Locker’s GREEN TAG GreenRate certified products
  5. Product Emissions: IEQ Volatile Organic Compounds  (VOC) –  Laminex Vertiboard & Lamiwood timber boards, plastic, adhesives and a powder coated material have been tested for VOC’s by CETEC Foray.  The anticipated total volatile organic compound emissions for the whole item would be less than 0.5mg /item/hr at seven days as specified by the Green Building Council of Australia Green Star Office Interiors IEQ -11. (CETEC VOC test certificate can be found in the Policy and certificates section of the website)
  6. Product Emissions: IEQ 12 - Formaldehyde Minimisation, meets the Green Building Council of Australia Green Star Office Interiors  IEQ – Formaldehyde Minimisation Credit criteria
  7. Product Stewardship Program: Commitment to take back and reuse and or recycle timber and hardware components where possible for Green Star certified projects – please review Interloc’s Product Stewardship Agreement for full details (Policies and Certificates)
  8. Compliant supply chain: Interloc Lockers major suppliers of hardware and timber board (Laminex) have been assessed and meet Social, Health & Safety and Environmental compliance
  9. Legal Compliance:  Interloc Lockers meet all current environmental and social legislation & regulations
  10. Social Responsibility includes a commitment to ethical business practices and providing a safe and healthy working environment

Interloc’s Environmental Commitment

Interloc Lockers has a strong focus on Environmental Sustainability. For a number of years we have been working on addressing our environmental impacts with regards to our manufacturing activities and products.

Interloc have been operating under a certified Environmental Management System that is
certified to AS/NZS ISO14001: 2004. 

 THE EMS is a systematic way of addressing environmental aspects and impacts and ensures that we are striving for continual improvement in the following areas:

  1. Energy Management (all factory machinery, office equipment and lights are turned off when not in use, factory machinery are well maintained and serviced to ensure that it is running to their optimum and not drawing unnecessary power.
  2. Waste Management.  We have an excellent Recycling  Program in place and are currently recycling particle board off cuts, ABS off cuts, soft and hard plastics, aluminium, steel, paper and cardboard,  IT equipment, toners cartridges
  3. Staff Training: A yearly training program is implemented to include waste and recycling, energy management, fire and spill response and ensuring all staff are aware of compliance to environmental legislation
  4. Staff Induction(New starters are all inducted on all matters relating to environmental sustainability to ensure that they are aware of the company’s commitment and their own job related EMS responsibilities)
  5. Setting of environmental objectives and targets annually and communicating these objectives to all staff to ensure staff engagement and participation
  6. Purchasing – a purchasing procedure ensures all new equipment that is purchased is energy efficient, along with green cleaner products and stationery

All Interloc’s sites which includes our manufacturing facility in Sydney, Head Office and our Melbourne and Brisbane sites are all certified under the EMS ISO14001 certification and are audited by an RABQSA auditor throughout the 3 year certification period.

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